Intuitive technology

Lexware technology is amazingly easy to use, and provides lawyers with interfaces which are seamlessly organised to allow for effective office management. From our Lexware Billing Professional, with its intuitive time recording and billing capabilities, to our Lexware Virtual Accountant and its rock solid, charming accounting and book keeping capability, Lexware welcomes lawyers to the age of seamless legal practice.

Amazing flexibility

Our technology is flexible in so many ways, and allows firms to choose the configurations and features which best suit their needs as an organisation. Lexware offers various packages, depending on the needs of organisation, offering single user installations as well as organisational server installations for use across the organisation. Through its adaptability, Lexware gives you exactly what your organisation needs.

Rock solid security

Our systems are majestically secure, and our encrypted log in features offer rock solid security to individuals and organisations. Our firewall features also protect information from internal and external interference, making organisations more secure. We at Lexware understand confidentiality, and so we never share your information with third parties.  

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Lexware Score

Lexware Score is a new innovative way that measures lawyer efficiency on an individual and organisational level. The Lexware score uses the actual billable hour and average billable hour standard to come up with a score that gives an indication of individual or organisational efficiency. The Lexware rating is crucial for managing partners, new partners wishing to measure firm efficiency.  

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