LawBasket has been announced as one of the three winners of the Innovating Justice Challenge in Southern Africa. The annual challenge is organised by the Hague Institute for Legal Innovation, which goes in search of the best justice innovations across the world each year.

LawBasket, which helps small businesses to mitigate legal risk through law clinics and add on legal insurance products will now join the HiiL Justice Accelerator Class of 2020, a program that provides funding and support to accelerate the work of LawBasket. The LawBasket team will also be heading to the Hague for the Justice Entreprenuership School and the Innovating Justice Forum.

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Simba Mubvuma, Co-founder at Lexware Inc. showing off the spoils after winning the Innovating Justice Challenge Southern Africa Finals in South Africa

Since launch in May 2019, the LawBasket team has been hard at work to reach this milestone, which will help LawBasket to get technical support from HiiL in areas such as impact measurement, an area which will be important as the LawBasket continues to grow.

HiiL is a not for profit organisation based in the Hague which aims to find and support the best justice innovations in the world, and has done so for over a decade. Many startups supported by HiiL have gone on to help communities to get user friendly justice, from Uganda to India.